sponsor immigration,

and accelerate 


global startups

Startups We Work With

  • International startups relocating or expanding to Canada

  • Targeting global or North American market

  • Demonstrated product market fit through revenue

  • Validations by accelerators or other parties 

Preferred Stages

  • Pre-seed: Raising $200k-500k

  • Seed: Secured $500k-1.5M

How Do We Invest

  • Lead & Co-invest: Avg cheque size $100k for pre-seed


Why Us

  • Downtown co-working space

  • Access Extreme's extended network

  • Alumni support before & after landing

  • Startup Visa Program sponsorship for up to 5 founders

Portfolio Companies

"We realized if we wanted to build a large company, we could do it from here."

- Sharoon Thomas, Co-founder and CEO, simplifies processes for distributors and retailers with inventory management integrations and more.

After graduating from 500 Startups in the U.S., relocated to Canada from India through the help of Extreme Accelerator .

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